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Table 1 Quantification of AAT and IL-23 in CSF of ALS patients and controls

From: Reduced levels of alpha-1-antitrypsin in cerebrospinal fluid of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients: a novel approach for a potential treatment

Tested parameter Tested group Mean ± SEM Changea (%) Median Changea (%)
AAT Control 38.8 ± 6.0 μg/ml   38.0 μg/ml  
AAT Patient 21.4 ± 3.1 μg/ml* −45 18.0 μg/ml −53
IL-23 Control 1259 pg/ml   1229 pg/ml  
IL-23 Patient 1647 pg/ml** +30.8 1678 pg/ml +36
  1. CSF specimens of patients and controls were determined for AAT and IL-23 by ELISA kit and Human Magnetic Luminex screening assay, respectively. Results are expressed as median or mean ± SEM using Student’s t test for calculating the statistical significance of the difference between the two tested groups. N = 15 for both AAT and IL-23 in ALS group while in the controls n = 14 for AAT and n = 13 for IL-23 determinations
  2. *p = 0.014, **p = 0.012
  3. aExpresses the percent of change (reduction or elevation) taking the control as 100 %