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Table 3 Overview of used antibodies

From: Expression of IL-1β in rhesus EAE and MS lesions is mainly induced in the CNS itself

  Source Species Dilution
Primary antibodies
IL-1β (clone C-20) Santa Cruz Biotechnology Goat Frozen: 1:100
Parafin: 1:250
PLP (clone plpc1) AbD Serotec Mouse Frozen: 1:500
Parafin: 1:300
HLA-DR (clone LN3) eBioscience Mouse Frozen: 1:750
Parafin: 1:500
Iba-1 Wako Rabbit 1:250
MRP14 (clone S36.48) BMA Biomedicals Mouse 1:100
CCL22 Abcam Rabbit 1:100
CD200R (clone OX108) AbD Serotec Mouse 1:50
CD40 (clone LOB7/6) AbD Serotec Mouse 1:50
CD74 (clone By2) Santa Cruz Biotechnology Mouse 1:1600
MR (clone 19.2) BD Pharmingen Mouse 1:150
Isotype control Southern Biotech Goat 1:2500
Secondary antibodies
EnVision HRP-labeled anti-mouse/rabbit polymer DAKO undiluted
Biotinylated anti-sheep/goat Amersham Donkey 1:200
Avidin-HRP Sigma Aldrich 1:100
Anti-goat HRP Jackson ImmunoResearch Donkey 1:100
Anti-mouse IgG alkaline phosphatase DAKO Goat 1:250
Anti-rabbit IgG alkaline phosphatase Southern Biotech Goat 1:250
Avidin-CY2 Jackson ImmunoResearch 1:150
Anti-rabbit TRITC Jackson ImmunoResearch Donkey 1:100
Anti-mouse TRITC Jackson ImmunoResearch Donkey 1:50