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Fig. 3

From: The antidepressant-like effects of pioglitazone in a chronic mild stress mouse model are associated with PPARγ-mediated alteration of microglial activation phenotypes

Fig. 3

Microglial activated status was influenced by PPARγ in the hippocampus. Pioglitazone decreased the number of Iba1+ microglia compared with the CMS mice. The Iba1+ microglial morphology was amoeboid, and the number of microglia increased in the animals after GW9662 treatment. Administration of pioglitazone and GW9662 had no effect on the microglia (b, n = 5). Enlarged figures indicate typical microglia (a). Scale bars: 10 μm. ** p < 0.01 vs. Control; ## p < 0.01 vs. CMS + Vehicle; $$ p < 0.01 vs. CMS + Piog. Data are expressed as means ± SEM

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