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Fig. 2

From: WWL70 attenuates PGE2 production derived from 2-arachidonoylglycerol in microglia by ABHD6-independent mechanism

Fig. 2

WWL70 blocked PGE2 production independently on CB receptor signaling. a BV2 cells were incubated with WWL70 for 15 min, before addition of 2-AG (10 μM) for 15 min, and subsequent addition of LPS (100 ng/ml). After 18 h, the culture medium was tested for PGE2 by EIA. b BV2 cells were treated with LPS, WWL70 with/without CB1R antagonist SR1 (SR141716A), or CB2R antagonist SR2 (SR144528) for 18 h before the culture medium was assayed for PGE2 content. There were no significant differences in the amount of PGE2 with or without antagonist. Representative experiment, mean ± SD (n = 3), out of three similar independent experiments. Single and triple asterisks denote p < 0.05 and 0.001, respectively, compared to the drug-treated groups

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