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Fig. 3 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 3

From: The role of microglial P2X7: modulation of cell death and cytokine release

Fig. 3

P2X7 expression in P2X7−/− mouse brain. a Representative images of gel analysis of reverse transcription PCR products for P2rx7 spliced variants from WT and P2X7−/− microglia. DNA ladder is at 100 bp intervals. Gapdh was used as an internal loading control. b Representative images of immunofluorescence for P2X7 (green), Iba1 (red), and GFAP (cyan) in the cortex of WT and P2X7−/− mice. Nuclei were counterstained with Hoechst (blue). Selected white boxes were zoomed in right panels. Arrowhead indicates representative colocalization of P2X7 and Iba1. Scale bar, 50 μm and 10 μm (zoomed images)

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