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Fig. 9 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 9

From: Benefits of VCE-003.2, a cannabigerol quinone derivative, against inflammation-driven neuronal deterioration in experimental Parkinson’s disease: possible involvement of different binding sites at the PPARγ receptor

Fig. 9

PPARγ LBD structures 3B0R, 4EMA, and 2Q59 bound to VCE-003.2 (yellow) with and without of GW9662 (orange). Binding of VCE-003.2 to the alternative binding site through Ser342 in the Ω loop β3 for crystals 4EMA (Ki = 2.11 μM), 2Q59 (Ki = 2.24 μM), and 3B0R (358.38 nM). In the presence of GW9662, VCE-003.2 binds to G284 of Helix 3 and Ser342 on the Ω loop and GW9662 binds to the canonical LPB site (Ki for VCE-003.2 = 711.27 nM). Analysis of VCE-003.2 binding to the canonical LBP site by interacting with Ser289 (2Q59: Ki for VCE-003.2 = 1.49 μM), R288 (3B0R: Ki for VCE-003.2 = 3.21 μM), and H449 (4EMA, Ki for VCE-003.2 = 607.81 nM) on Helix 11

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