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Fig. 2

From: The Aβ protofibril selective antibody mAb158 prevents accumulation of Aβ in astrocytes and rescues neurons from Aβ-induced cell death

Fig. 2

mAb158 rescues neurons from Aβ-induced toxicity. Aβ42-555 protofibril exposure of co-cultures results in neuronal cell death 12 days following the removal of the Aβ42-555 protofibrils (a). Simultaneous addition of mAb158, significantly rescued the neurons (b), but this effect was not seen when the mAb158 was added 3 days after the Aβ42-555 protofibrils (c). The relative number of living neurons was significantly decreased 12 days following Aβ42-555 protofibril exposure (24 h + 12 days, **P < 0.01), but no neurotoxic effect was observed at 24 h + 12 days in cultures exposed to Aβ42-555 protofibrils together with mAb158. When mAb158 were added 3 days after the Aβ42-555 protofibril removal, no protective effect of mAb158 was found (***P < 0.001) (d). βIII-tubulin (green) and DAPI (blue). Scale bar 20 μm. The experiments were performed in triplicates with independent cell cultures, and 10 images/experiment were analyzed using Mann–Whitney U test

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