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Fig. 3

From: HSP60 critically regulates endogenous IL-1β production in activated microglia by stimulating NLRP3 inflammasome pathway

Fig. 3

HSP60 plays a critical role in IL-1β-induced nuclear localization of pNF-κB. a, d Effect of IL-1β was checked on the nuclear localization of phospho-p65-NF-κB in the N9 cells (a) and mice brain (d). b, c Role of HSP60 in the induction of phosphorylation of p65-NF-κB was checked in N9 cells by overexpression of HSP60 (b) and knockdown of HSP60 (c). e Effect of HSP60 knockdown using vivo-morpholino was checked on nuclear localization of p65-NF-κB in mice brain after IL-1β treatment for different time periods. The levels of p65-NF-κB were normalized with the nuclear loading control PCNA protein levels. Representative blots of three independent experiments are shown here. Bar diagrams below the blots represent quantification of the relative fold changes in phosphorylated levels of NF-κB in comparison to control. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01 in comparison to control values. ##p < 0.01 in comparison to IL-1β treatment. Data represented as means ±SD of three independent experiments

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