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Fig. 5 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 5

From: Temporal changes in macrophage phenotype after peripheral nerve injury

Fig. 5

Il4ra−/− and Ifngr1−/− provide orthogonal alterations in macrophage phenotype in response to in vitro polarization. Gene expression Log2(fold change) over the control strain for Il4ra−/− and Ifngr1−/− BMDM under 3 polarization conditions: M(−), M(IL4), and M(IFNγ+LPS). Ifngr1−/− macrophages demonstrate reduced expression of pro-inflammatory, or M1, markers compared to wild-type after stimulation with IFNγ+LPS, but have minimal to no alteration in response to IL4 stimulation. Il4ra−/− mice have marked reduction in the classical M2 markers Arg1, Chil3, and Retnla after IL4 stimulation, with no difference in response to IFNγ+LPS stimulation. n = 4–5/group

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