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Table 1 Antibodies used for flow cytometric analysis of cultured bone marrow-derived macrophages and for sorting macrophages from injured sciatic nerve

From: Temporal changes in macrophage phenotype after peripheral nerve injury

Antibody/probe Clone Fluorophore Distributor/Cat No. Specificity
CD16/32 2.4G2 BV-605 BD Biosciences/563006 Pan macrophage
F4/80 BM8 PE-Cy7 eBioscience/25-4801 Pan macrophage
CD11b M1/70 Pacific Blue BioLegend/101224 Pan macrophage
CD14 Sa2-8 PE eBioscience/12-0141 Pan macrophage
Arg1   PE R&D Systems/IC5868P M2
Nos2 CXNFT APC eBioscience/17-5920 M1
Thy1.2 53-2.1 APC eBioscience/17-0902 Fibroblast
CD19 ID3 APC eBioscience/17-0193 Pan B cell
Ly6G 1A8-Ly6g APC eBioscience/17-9668 Granulocyte
Siglec F ES22-10D8 APC Miltenyi Biotec/130-102-241 Eosinophil
Ter119 Ter119 APC eBioscience/17-5921 RBC
CD31 MEC 13.3 APC BD Biosciences/551262 Endothelial cell
CD3e 17A2 APC eBioscience/17-0032 T cell
Propidium iodide   na eBioscience/00-6990 Dead cell/DNA
Zombie Aqua   na BioLegend/423101 Fixable viability marker
  1. na not available