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Fig. 2

From: Ex vivo model of epilepsy in organotypic slices—a new tool for drug screening

Fig. 2

Electrophysiological properties of organotypic slices control (CTL) and with spontaneous epileptiform activity (EL). a Representative field potential recordings of spontaneous activity from CA3 area of CTL and EL organotypic slices. CTL slices depict a regular physiological activity, while EL slices exhibit epileptiform activity at 14 DIV. All vertical bars, 1 mV. b Resting membrane potential (RMP) of CA3 pyramidal neurons were measured immediately upon establishing whole-cell configuration and did not significantly differ between CTL and EL slices. c There were also no statistically significant changes between the action potential (AP) threshold measured from neurons in CTL and EL slices. d Representative tracings for each condition are shown. Data represent the mean ± SEM. n = 7–9 cells per condition, from 3 to 4 independent cultures, unpaired t test

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