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Fig. 1

From: An IFNγ/CXCL2 regulatory pathway determines lesion localization during EAE

Fig. 1

CD45+CD11b+ myeloid cells are a primary source of CXCL2 in the brainstem during aEAE. a Neutrophils (CD45+CD11b+Ly6G+), monocytes/macrophages (CD45hiCD11b+Ly6G), microglia (CD45loCD11b+Ly6G), and non-myeloid immune cells (CD45+CD11b) were FACS sorted from the brainstems of IFNγRKO mice at the onset of aEAE. CXCL2 mRNA was quantified by qPCR and normalized to GAPDH (n = 15 mice pooled from two experiments). b Brainstem-infiltrating cells isolated at the onset of aEAE were stained on the cell surface with antibodies specific for myeloid cell markers and intracellularly with αCXCL2 prior to flow cytometric analysis (n = 6 mice from two experiments)

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