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Fig. 4

From: An IFNγ/CXCL2 regulatory pathway determines lesion localization during EAE

Fig. 4

IFNγ suppresses CXCL2 expression in neutrophils and monocytes stimulated with CXCR2 or TLR ligands, respectively. a, b Bone marrow neutrophils were cultured in media alone, or with recombinant CXCL2, CXCL2 plus IL-1β, CXCL1, or G-CSF, in the presence or absence of IFNγ. RNA was extracted 1 h later to measure CXCL2 transcript levels via qPCR. Fold induction of CXCL2 in the stimulated neutrophils over unstimulated controls was calculated as 2−ΔΔCt, using GAPDH as an internal control for normalization. Each symbol represents a neutrophil culture derived from an individual mouse. (a n = 8 mice, with data pooled from three experiments. b Representative of two experiments with n = 3 mice each). c Bone marrow monocytes were stimulated with LPS in the presence or absence of IFNγ for 4 h. Intracellular CXCL2 protein expression was assessed by flow cytometry (Representative of three experiments with n = 3 mice each)

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