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Fig. 6 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 6

From: Chronic Toxoplasma infection is associated with distinct alterations in the synaptic protein composition

Fig. 6

Reduced astrocyte activation upon sulfadiazine treatment. a Immunoblots of the cortical homogenates of uninfected control (INF−, CTRL), infected (INF+, INF), and infected animals treated with sulfadiazine (INF+, Sulfa+), and their according quantification (b). The upregulation of glutamatergic proteins (Fig. 5) after sulfadiazine treatment is complemented by downregulation of GFAP in the cortical homogenate, consistent with a reduction of global neuroinflammation in the brain upon drug treatment. Control mice (CTRL) n = 4, infected mice (INF) n = 4–5. Displayed results are mean values ± SEM. **p < 0.01, *p < 0.05

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