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Fig. 5 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 5

From: Phosphatidylserine-microbubble targeting-activated microglia/macrophage in inflammation combined with ultrasound for breaking through the blood–brain barrier

Fig. 5

The experiment of microbubbles in vivo through ultrasound. EB extravasation in the brain as a function of BBB after US exposure (1.0 MHz, 3 W/cm2, 60 s). a Distribution of BBB disruption by extravasation of EB. Left brain: US-exposed site. b The amount of EB extravasation. c Fluorescence imaging in vivo at different time points after intravenous administration of PS-MBs (200 μl/mouse) with or without US exposure. d Quantitative analysis of fluorescence intensity for cerebral infarction site of different groups. e Immunofluorescence staining for activation M/M and fluorescence intensity of MB-labeled DiR for cerebral infarction site in different groups (*P < 0.05 versus control)

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