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Table 2 Summary of the secondary screens

From: The atypical RhoGTPase RhoE/Rnd3 is a key molecule to acquire a neuroprotective phenotype in microglia

Validated positive hit BDNF production Microglia migration
RhoE/Rnd3 Reduced, p<0.01 Enhanced, p<0.01
Tiam1 Not affected Enhanced, p<0.01
p38β/Mapk11 Reduced, p<0.05 Not affected
GM-CSFR/Csf2ra Not affected Not affected
Map3k2 Not affected Not affected
Creb1 Reduced, p<0.001 Not affected
IκBα/Nfkbia Not affected Enhanced, p<0.01
  1. Primary microglia were transfected with validated siRNA oligonucleotides against their indicated target protein and tested for their effect on BDNF expression and microglia migration as described in Figs. 3 and 4