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Fig. 8

From: The spleen may be an important target of stem cell therapy for stroke

Fig. 8

Effects of Breg cells on other immune cells after stroke. Through IL-10, IL-35 and TGF-β production, Bregs can inhibit the differentiation of pro-inflammatory lymphocytes, such as TNF-α-secreting monocytes, IL-12-secreting dendritic cells, Th17 cells, Th1 cells, IL-17+ γδT cells and cytotoxic CD8+ T cells. Bregs can also induce the differentiation of immunosuppressive T cells, such as Foxp3+ Tregs and T regulatory 1 (Tr1) cells and contribute to the maintenance of iNKTs. Therefore, Bregs result in immune regulation at sites of inflammation, such as the CNS

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