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Fig. 6

From: Hyperactivation of proprioceptors induces microglia-mediated long-lasting pain in a rat model of chronic fatigue syndrome

Fig. 6

Neurons surrounded by activated microglia after 6 days of CS were α-motor neurons. a–f Double labeling images of the dorsal region of the ventral horn of the L5 spinal cord on day 6 of CS. a OX42 (activated microglia, green)/ATF3 (red). b Iba1 (microglia, green)/ChAT (motor neurons, red). c Iba1 (microglia, green)/DINE (motor neurons, red). d ATF3 (green)/ChAT (motor neurons, red). e Iba1 (microglia, green)/NeuN (α-motor neurons, red). f Iba1 (microglia, green)/Err3 (nuclear staining of γ-motor neurons, red). Arrowheads indicate α-motor neurons, while arrows indicate γ-motor neurons. All scale bars 100 μm

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