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Fig. 4 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 4

From: Depletion of regulatory T cells increases T cell brain infiltration, reactive astrogliosis, and interferon-γ gene expression in acute experimental traumatic brain injury

Fig. 4

DEREG mice exhibit no alterations in brain lesion size and IgG extravasation compared to WT mice after CCI. a Examples of cresyl violet-stained cryosections demonstrating the extent of unilateral brain damage at 5 dpi. b Brain lesion volume (percentage of ipsilesional hemisphere) was not altered between DEREG and WT mice (n = 11–12, Mann-Whitney U test). c Scheme illustrating the brain tissue regions collected for anti-IgG dot-blot immunoassay. d Example of dot-blot immunoassay using samples from ipsi- or contralesional brain tissues and probed with antibodies specific to mouse IgG. e IgG levels in ipsilesional brain tissues from DEREG and WT mice were not significantly (ns) different (Fig. 4e, p = 0.063, one-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s multiple comparison test)

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