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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of study participants

From: Systemic activation of NLRP3 inflammasome and plasma α-synuclein levels are correlated with motor severity and progression in Parkinson’s disease

VariablesPD patients (n = 43)Healthy control (n = 24)p value
Gender (female/male)19/2411/130.549a
Age (years)58.40 ± 1.3757.92 ± 1.580.695b
Disease duration (years)2.27 ± 0.34N.A.N.A.
H-Y1.93 ± 0.11N.A.N.A.
UPDRS part I8.72 ± 0.76N.A.N.A.
UPDRS part III31.35 ± 2.05N.A.N.A.
  1. Numbers are expressed as mean ± SEM
  2. N.A. not available, PD Parkinson’s disease, H-Y Hoehn-Yahr staging scale, UPDRS Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale
  3. aFisher’s exact test
  4. bMann-Whitney test