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Table 1 Gene names and TaqMan probes analyzed in this study. Genes in bold were run with individual probes: the rest were run together on TaqMan custom low-density array cards

From: Microglial-associated responses to comorbid amyloid pathology and hyperhomocysteinemia in an aged knock-in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Gene TaqMan probe
Apoe Mm01307193_g1
B2m Mm00437762_m1
C1qa Mm00432142_m1
C1qb Mm01179619_m1
C1qc Mm00776126_m1
Ccl2 Mm00441242_m1
Ccrl2 Mm00516914_g1
Cd74 Mm00658576_m1
Chil3 Mm00657889_mH
Csf1 Mm00432686_m1
Csf1r Mm01266652_m1
Cst3 Mm00438347_m1
Cst7 Mm00438351_m1
Ctsz Mm00517697_m1
Ctsb Mm01310506_m1
Ctsd Mm00515586_m1
Ctsl Mm00515597_m1
Ctss Mm01255859_m1
Axl Mm00437221_m1
Cx3cr1 Mm02620111_s1
Cyba Mm00514478_m1
Eef1a1 Mm01973893_g1
Egr1 Mm00656724_m1
P2ry13 Mm01951265_s1
F11r Mm00554113_m1
Fcrls Mm00472833_m1
Ftl1 Mm03030144_g1
Fth1 Mm00850707_g1
Golm1 Mm00550918_m1
Gpr34 Mm02620221_s1
Hexb Mm01282432_m1
Hif1a Mm00468869_m1
Kctd12 Mm00624816_s1
Lag3 Mm00493071_m1
Lyz2 Mm01612741_m1
Mafb Mm00627481_s1
Olfml3 Mm00513567_m1
Pde3b Mm00691635_m1
Plxdc2 Mm00470653_m1
Sall1 Mm00491266_m1
Slc11a1 Mm00443045_m1
Slco2b1 Mm00614448_m1
Spp1 Mm00436767_m1
Tgfbr1 Mm00436964_m1
Tpt1 Mm03009502_g1
Tyrobp Mm00449152_m1
Mertk Mm00434920_m1
18S Hs99999901_s1
Clec7a Mm01183349_m1
P2ry12 Mm00446026_m1
Itgax Mm00498701_m1
Hprt Mm00446968_m1