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Table 1 Criteria definition in the evaluation of histomorphological scores for murine intestinal inflammation

From: High-fat diet impairs duodenal barrier function and elicits glia-dependent changes along the gut-brain axis that are required for anxiogenic and depressive-like behaviors

Features Scoring criteria Score
Extent of mucosal villi damage No damage 1
Damage in <1/3 of villi 2
Damage between 1/3 and 2/3 of villi 3
Damage >2/3 of villi 4
Mucosal damage degree No damage 1
Swelling and loss of lamina propria matrix 2
Loss of epithelium surface from villus tip to its base 3
Loss of villi 4
Infiltration of Inflammatory cells degree Normal 1
Mild 2
Moderate 3
Dense 4
Goblet cells depletion Absence 1
Presence 2
Crypts absence Absence 1
Presence 2