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Table 1 Antibodies utilized with source, catalog number, and dilution

From: NLRP3 inhibition attenuates early brain injury and delayed cerebral vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage

Antibody Source (catalog #) Dilution (rel. to 1mg/mL stock)
Mouse anti-GAPDH Abcam (ab8245) 1:10,000
Anti-mouse IgG (HRP-conj.) Abcam (ab205729) 1:25,000
Anti-rabbit IgG (HRP-conj.) Abcam (ab6721) 1:25,000
Rabbit anti-NLRP3 Bioss (BS-10021R) 1:2000
Rabbit anti-caspase-1 (p10) Abcam (ab1795015) 1:1000
Mouse anti-capase-1 (p20) Adipogen (AG-20B-0042-C100) 1:1000
Rabbit anti-IL-1β Abcam (ab9722) 1:1000
Rabbit anti-ZO-1 ThermoFisher (61-7300) 1:2000
Mouse anti-occludin ThermoFisher (OC-3F10) 1:1000
Rabbit anti-Iba1 Wako (019-19741) 1:1000
Mouse anti-Iba1 ThermoFisher (MA5-27726) 1:100
Rabbit anti-NeuN Millipore Sigma (ABN78) 1:500
Rat anti-NIMP-14 (Ly6G/C) Abcam (ab2557) 1:200
Rabbit anti-fibrinogen β-chain ThermoFisher (16747-1-AP) 1:100