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Figure 7

From: CXCR7 antagonism prevents axonal injury during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis as revealed by in vivoaxial diffusivity

Figure 7

Injured VLWM shows abnormal dephosphorylation of Neurofilament H. Immunofluorescence analysis of NF-H was assessed using SMI-32 antibody immunoreactivity to detect dephosphorylation within spinal cords after DTI evaluation (A). Higher SMI-32 staining within VLWM was observed in saline- and vehicle-treated mice in contrast to naïve controls, while CCX771-treated mice were more comparable to control mice (63X magnification, scale bar = 25 μm). Statistical analysis shows significant differences within lateral and ventral portions of the spinal cord white matter area (B results are expressed as mean SMI-32+ pixels per area ± SEM. Two-way ANOVA P values summary: interaction F = 0.3671, P = 0.9568; antagonist treatment F = 3.248, P = 0.0107; area F = 1.4661, P = 0.2382.).

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