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  1. The spleen, a substantial reservoir of non-differentiated monocytes, may play a crucial role in the pathophysiology of post-ischemic inflammation and influence outcomes after ischemic stroke.

    Authors: Marko Sternak, Anton Glasnović, Paula Josić, Dominik Romić and Srećko Gajović
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:233
  2. Early life stress (ELS) is associated with the development of schizophrenia later in life. The hippocampus develops significantly during childhood and is extremely reactive to stress. In rodent models, ELS can...

    Authors: Keke Hao, Huiling Wang, Yuejin Zhang, Xinhui Xie, Huan Huang, Cheng Chen, Shilin Xu, Rui Xu, Chang Shu, Zhongchun Liu, Yuan Zhou, Gavin P. Reynolds and Gaohua Wang
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:232
  3. Radiation-induced brain injury (RIBI) is the most serious complication of radiotherapy in patients with head and neck tumors, which seriously affects the quality of life. Currently, there is no effective treat...

    Authors: Zhan Zhang, Jingru Jiang, Yong He, Jinhua Cai, Jiatian Xie, Minyi Wu, Mengdan Xing, Zhenzhen Zhang, Haocai Chang, Pei Yu, Siqi Chen, Yuhua Yang, Zhongshan Shi, Qiang Liu, Haohui Sun, Baixuan He…
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:231
  4. Dysfunctional humoral and cellular innate immunity are key components in the development and progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Specifically, chronically activated microglia and their distu...

    Authors: Mona Tabel, Anne Wolf, Manon Szczepan, Heping Xu, Herbert Jägle, Christoph Moehle, Mei Chen and Thomas Langmann
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:229
  5. Cerebral vasospasm (CV) can contribute to significant morbidity in subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) patients. A key unknown is how CV induction is triggered following SAH.

    Authors: Brandon Lucke-Wold, William Dodd, Kartik Motwani, Koji Hosaka, Dimitri Laurent, Melanie Martinez, Victoria Dugan, Nohra Chalouhi, Noelle Lucke-Wold, Arnav Barpujari, Christina von Roemeling, Chenglong Li, Richard D. Johnson and Brian Hoh
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:228
  6. Evidence from experimental and clinical studies implicates immuno-inflammatory responses as playing an important role in epilepsy-induced brain injury. Captopril, an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (AC...

    Authors: Xinyan Dong, Jianchen Fan, Donghui Lin, Xuehui Wang, Haoyu Kuang, Lifen Gong, Chen Chen, Jie Jiang, Ningxiao Xia, Dahong He, Weida Shen, Peifang Jiang, Rong Kuang, Linghui Zeng and Yicheng Xie
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:226
  7. Early invasion of the central nervous system (CNS) by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) (Gray et al. in Brain Pathol 6:1–15, 1996; An et al. in Ann Neurol 40:611–6172, 1996), results in neuroinflammation, pot...

    Authors: Hussein Kaddour, Marina McDew-White, Miguel M. Madeira, Malik A. Tranquille, Stella E. Tsirka, Mahesh Mohan and Chioma M. Okeoma
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:225
  8. Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is the most common cause of permanent hearing loss in children in the developing world. A large component of the permanent hearing loss is sensory in nature and our unde...

    Authors: Anping Xia, Anthony Thai, Zhixin Cao, Xiaohua Chen, Jing Chen, Brian Bacacao, Laurent A. Bekale, Viktoria Schiel, Paul L. Bollyky and Peter L. Santa Maria
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:224
  9. Multifactorial diseases are characterized by inter-individual variation in etiology, age of onset, and penetrance. These diseases tend to be relatively common and arise from the combined action of genetic and ...

    Authors: Rachel J. Boyd, Dimitri Avramopoulos, Lauren L. Jantzie and Andrew S. McCallion
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:223
  10. Mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs)-derived small Extracellular Vesicles (sEVs) are considered as a new cell-free therapy for pain caused by nerve injury, but whether human placental mesenchymal stem cell-derived sEV...

    Authors: Yitian Lu, Jintao Zhang, Fanning Zeng, Peng Wang, Xiangna Guo, Haitao Wang, Zaisheng Qin and Tao Tao
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:221
  11. Intravenous methylprednisolone is the standard treatment for a multiple sclerosis relapse; however, this fails to improve symptoms in up to one quarter of patients. Immunoadsorption is an accepted treatment fo...

    Authors: Steffen Pfeuffer, Leoni Rolfes, Timo Wirth, Falk Steffen, Marc Pawlitzki, Andreas Schulte-Mecklenbeck, Catharina C. Gross, Marcus Brand, Stefan Bittner, Tobias Ruck, Luisa Klotz, Heinz Wiendl and Sven G. Meuth
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:220
  12. Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cell 1 (Trem1) is an important regulator of cellular inflammatory responses. Neuroinflammation is a common thread across various neurological diseases. Soluble Trem1 (s...

    Authors: Xiaolei Shi, Tao Wei, Yachun Hu, Meng Wang and Yi Tang
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:218
  13. Neuroinflammation is emerging as an important pathological process in frontotemporal dementia (FTD), but biomarkers are lacking. We aimed to determine the value of complement proteins, which are key components...

    Authors: Emma L. van der Ende, Carolin Heller, Aitana Sogorb-Esteve, Imogen J. Swift, David McFall, Georgia Peakman, Arabella Bouzigues, Jackie M. Poos, Lize C. Jiskoot, Jessica L. Panman, Janne M. Papma, Lieke H. Meeter, Elise G. P. Dopper, Martina Bocchetta, Emily Todd, David Cash…
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:217
  14. Retinal degenerative diseases are a group of conditions characterized by photoreceptor death and vision loss. Excessive inflammation and microglial activation contribute to the pathology of retinal degeneratio...

    Authors: Andrea Nortey, Kimberly Garces, Tal Carmy-Bennun and Abigail S. Hackam
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:216
  15. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disease and the most common cause of dementia. Among various pathophysiological aspects, microglia are considered to play important roles in the pa...

    Authors: Chao Gao, Xin Shen, Yuyan Tan and Shengdi Chen
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:215
  16. Brain injury is the main cause of high mortality and disability after successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from sudden cardiac arrest (CA). The transient receptor potential M4 (TRPM4) channel is a no...

    Authors: Jiancong Chen, Yuan Chang, Juan Zhu, Yuqin Peng, Zheqi Li, Kunxue Zhang, Yuzhen Zhang, Chuman Lin, Zhenzhou Lin, Suyue Pan and Kaibin Huang
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:214
  17. Chronic kidney disease (CKD), characterized as renal dysfunction, is regarded as a major public health problem which carries a high risk of cardiovascular diseases. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the...

    Authors: Hongming Sun, Xitong Li, Xin Chen, Yingquan Xiong, Yaochen Cao and Ziqiang Wang
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:213
  18. Interleukin-27 (IL-27) can trigger both pro- and anti-inflammatory responses. This cytokine is elevated in the central nervous system (CNS) of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, but how it influences neuroinfla...

    Authors: Florent Lemaître, Negar Farzam-kia, Ana Carmena Moratalla, Yves Carpentier Solorio, Marie-Laure Clenet, Olivier Tastet, Aurélie Cleret-Buhot, Jean Victor Guimond, Elie Haddad, Pierre Duquette, J. Marc Girard, Alexandre Prat, Catherine Larochelle and Nathalie Arbour
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:212
  19. Local neuroinflammation secondary to spinal nerve compression in lumbar disk herniation (LDH) is a key driver contributing to neuropathic pain. Manual therapy (MT), a widely used nonsurgical therapy, can relie...

    Authors: Chongjie Yao, Jun Ren, Ruixin Huang, Cheng Tang, Yanbin Cheng, Zhizhen Lv, Lingjun Kong, Sitong Fang, Jiming Tao, Yangyang Fu, Qingguang Zhu and Min Fang
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:211
  20. Abnormal activation of immune system is an important pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease, but the relationship between peripheral inflammation, central microglia activation and dopaminergic degeneration remain...

    Authors: Shu-Ying Liu, Hong-Wen Qiao, Tian-Bin Song, Xiu-Lin Liu, Yun-Xia Yao, Chun-Song Zhao, Olivier Barret, Sheng-Li Xu, Yan-Ning Cai, Gilles D. Tamagnan, Vesna Sossi, Jie Lu and Piu Chan
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:209
  21. Psychological stress is one of the most important factors that trigger emotional disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Emerging evidence suggests that neuroinflammation exacerbated by bidirectional commun...

    Authors: Huiling Hu, Xue Yang, Yuqing He, Chaohui Duan and Nannan Sun
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:208
  22. Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) is associated with high morbidity and mortality rates. However, extant investigations have mainly focused on gray matter injury within the primary injury site after ICH rather th...

    Authors: Min Yao, Jie Fang, Jiewei Li, Anson Cho Kiu Ng, Jiaxin Liu, Gilberto Ka Kit Leung, Fanglai Song, Jian Zhang and Chunqi Chang
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:207
  23. Progressive neuronal death is the key pathological feature of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the neuronal death in AD patients have not been fully elucidated. Necroptosi...

    Authors: Yue Dong, Hanqiao Yu, Xueqi Li, Kelong Bian, Yayuan Zheng, Mingrui Dai, Xuejian Feng, Yao Sun, Yu He, Bin Yu, Haihong Zhang, Jiaxin Wu, Xianghui Yu, Hui Wu and Wei Kong
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:205
  24. Reports of neurological sequelae related to colon cancer are largely restricted to rare instances of paraneoplastic syndromes, due to autoimmune reactions. Systemic inflammation associated with tumor developme...

    Authors: Mihály Balogh, Jixiang Zhang, Caitlyn M. Gaffney, Neha Kalakuntla, Nicholas T. Nguyen, Ronnie T. Trinh, Clarissa Aguilar, Hoang Vu Pham, Bojana Milutinovic, James M. Nichols, Rajasekaran Mahalingam and Andrew J. Shepherd
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:204
  25. Diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion are vision threatening retinal vascular diseases. Current first-line therapy targets the vascular component, but many patients are treatment-resistant due to unc...

    Authors: Amrita Rajesh, Steven Droho and Jeremy A. Lavine
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:203
  26. Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) not only causes neuronal programmed cell death via the mitochondrial pathway but also is an essential component of the signalling cascade during microglial activatio...

    Authors: Yiying Zhang, Zhangyang Wang, Rongrong Wang, Lu Xia, Yiying Cai, Fangchao Tong, Yanqin Gao, Jing Ding and Xin Wang
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:202
  27. Histone deacetylases (HDACs) are believed to exacerbate traumatic brain injury (TBI) based on studies using pan-HDAC inhibitors. However, the HDAC isoform responsible for the detrimental effects and the cell t...

    Authors: Yongfang Zhao, Hongfeng Mu, Yichen Huang, Sicheng Li, Yangfan Wang, R. Anne Stetler, Michael V. L. Bennett, C. Edward Dixon, Jun Chen and Yejie Shi
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:201
  28. The close interaction and interdependence of astrocytes and neurons allows for the possibility that astrocyte dysfunction contributes to and amplifies neurodegenerative pathology. Molecular pathways that trigg...

    Authors: Elizabeth E. Evans, Vikas Mishra, Crystal Mallow, Elaine M. Gersz, Leslie Balch, Alan Howell, Christine Reilly, Ernest S. Smith, Terrence L. Fisher and Maurice Zauderer
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:200
  29. Cerebral edema (CE) at admission is a surrogate marker of ‘early brain injury’ (EBI) after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). Only recently has the focus on the changes in CE after SAH such as delayed resolution o...

    Authors: Sung-Ho Ahn, Angela Burkett, Atzhiry Paz, Jude P. Savarraj, Sarah Hinds, Georgene Hergenroeder, Aaron M. Gusdon, Xuefeng Ren, Jeong-Ho Hong and Huimahn A. Choi
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:199
  30. Pyroptosis is a programmed cell death mediated by inflammasomes. Previous studies have reported that inhibition of neurokinin receptor 1 (NK1R) exerted neuroprotection in several neurological diseases. Herein,...

    Authors: Peng Jin, Dongqing Qi, Yuhui Cui, Cameron Lenahan, John H. Zhang, Xiaogen Tao, Shuixiang Deng and Jiping Tang
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:198
  31. Authors: Xuan Ying Poh, Jia Mei Hong, Chen Bai, Qing Hao Miow, Pei Min Thong, Yu Wang, Ravisankar Rajarethinam, Cristine S. L. Ding and Catherine W. M. Ong
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:197

    The original article was published in Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:21

  32. In 2014, we first described novel autoantibodies to the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor type 1 (ITPR1-IgG/anti-Sj) in patients with autoimmune cerebellar ataxia (ACA) in this journal. Here, we provide a ...

    Authors: Sven Jarius, Stefan Bräuninger, Ha-Yeun Chung, Christian Geis, Jürgen Haas, Lars Komorowski, Brigitte Wildemann and Christian Roth
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:196
  33. Valproic acid (VPA) is a clinically used antiepileptic drug, but it is associated with a significant risk of a low verbal intelligence quotient (IQ) score, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism s...

    Authors: Yasuhiro Ishihara, Tatsuya Honda, Nami Ishihara, Kaede Namba, Makiko Taketoshi, Yoko Tominaga, Mayumi Tsuji, Christoph F. A. Vogel, Takeshi Yamazaki, Kouichi Itoh and Takashi Tominaga
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:195
  34. Demyelinating diseases in central nervous system (CNS) are a group of diseases characterized by myelin damage or myelin loss. Transforming growth factor beta1 (TGF-β1) is widely recognized as an anti-inflammat...

    Authors: Yi Xie, Xuejiao Chen, Ying Li, Simiao Chen, Shuai Liu, Zhiyuan Yu and Wei Wang
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:194
  35. Herbicides are environmental contaminants that have gained much attention due to the potential hazards they pose to human health. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in many commercial herbicides, is the most he...

    Authors: Joanna K. Winstone, Khyatiben V. Pathak, Wendy Winslow, Ignazio S. Piras, Jennifer White, Ritin Sharma, Matthew J. Huentelman, Patrick Pirrotte and Ramon Velazquez
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:193
  36. No reports exist as to neuroprotective effects associated with topical activation of transient receptor potential melastatin 8 (TRPM8), a noted cold receptor. In the present study, we identified whether activa...

    Authors: Shiang-Suo Huang, Hsing-Hui Su, Szu-Yu Chien, Hsin-Yi Chung, Sih-Ting Luo, Yu-Ting Chu, Yi-Hsin Wang, Iona J. MacDonald, Hsun-Hua Lee and Yi-Hung Chen
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:192
  37. Sialic acid immunoglobulin-like lectin E (Siglec-E) is a subtype of pattern recognition receptors found on the surface of myeloid cells and functions as a key immunosuppressive checkpoint molecule. The engagem...

    Authors: Lexiao Li, Yu Chen, Madison N. Sluter, Ruida Hou, Jiukuan Hao, Yin Wu, Guo-Yun Chen, Ying Yu and Jianxiong Jiang
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:191
  38. Monocyte-derived macrophages (MDMs) and microglia elicit neural inflammation and clear debris for subsequent tissue repair and remodeling. The role of infiltrating MDMs in the injured brain, however, has been ...

    Authors: Hyunwoo Ju, Keun Woo Park, Il-doo Kim, John W. Cave and Sunghee Cho
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:190
  39. Nafamostat mesylate (nafamostat, NM) is an FDA-approved serine protease inhibitor that exerts anti-neuroinflammation and neuroprotective effects following rat spinal cord injury (SCI). However, clinical transl...

    Authors: Chenxi Zhao, Tiangang Zhou, Xiaoqing Zhao, Yilin Pang, Wenxiang Li, Baoyou Fan, Ming Li, Xinjie Liu, Lei Ma, Jiawei Zhang, Chao Sun, Wenyuan Shen, Xiaohong Kong, Xue Yao and Shiqing Feng
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:189
  40. There is growing evidence that neuroinflammation may contribute to schizophrenia neuropathology. Elevated pro-inflammatory cytokines are evident in the midbrain from schizophrenia subjects, findings that are d...

    Authors: A. Petty, L. J. Glass, D. A. Rothmond, T. Purves-Tyson, A. Sweeney, Y. Kondo, S. Kubo, M. Matsumoto and C. Shannon Weickert
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:188
  41. In chronic myelogenous leukemia, reciprocal translocation between chromosome 9 and chromosome 22 generates a chimeric protein, Bcr-Abl, that leads to hyperactivity of tyrosine kinase-linked signaling transduct...

    Authors: Jieun Kim, Hyun-ju Lee, Jin-Hee Park, Byung-Yoon Cha and Hyang-Sook Hoe
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:187
  42. Depression is a recurrent and devastating mental disease that is highly prevalent worldwide. Prolonged exposure to stressful events or a stressful environment is detrimental to mental health. In recent years, ...

    Authors: Zhuang Peng, Sha Peng, Kangguang Lin, Bin Zhao, Lai Wei, Qinhui Tuo, Duanfang Liao, Tifei Yuan and Zhe Shi
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:186
  43. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) often promote acute brain injury after stroke, but their roles in the recovery phase have not been well studied. We tested the hypothesis that ROS activity mediated by NADPH oxida...

    Authors: Ye Yingze, Jian Zhihong, Jin Tong, Li Yina, Zeng Zhi, Zhang Xu, Xiong Xiaoxing and Gu Lijuan
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2022 19:184

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